Nowadays, cleaning the outside of your car is easy as can be, with a car wash seemingly on every corner and plenty of options  -- touchless, wax, towel dry, etc.

But you won't believe how many people I know who have a clean car exterior while the inside of their vehicles look, well, trashed.

While it involves a little bit of stooping and reaching, and maybe the use of a mini-vac, it's really not that hard to clean up the inside of your car.

Here are some easy steps:

  1. Just simply pick up and remove all the trash -- fast food wrappers, large food particle, grocery bags, candy wrappers, etc. This part is really simple and your car will immediately look 100 times better (pro tip: get a small plastic bag and wrap it around your gear shift so you always have a trash bag in the car).
  2. Vacuum. If you don't have a small hand vac or a vacuum with a bunch of attachments, many of the local car washes offer this service for free or for a nominal price. Then you can get the smaller food particles, dirt and dried mud out of the car.
  3. Wipe down the hard surfaces. Any household cleaner can help with this. All you need is a rag and a squirt bottle. An old toothbrush can help you reach the hard-to-get spots.
  4. Wipe down the windows -- use window cleaner for streak-free results. Although I'm told cleaners with ammonia can be harmful to tinted windows, so use caution here.
  5. Use a rag to scrub the stained or caked on dirt on the seats or carpets.

That's really it. You could shampoo carpets and deep clean certain high-traffic areas, but really who has time for that. You will feel amazing riding around in your clean car.

I've got so many more ideas to help you declutter your life, so look for them in future editions of "Decluttering your life with Mindee Neatnik."

Mindee Neatnik
Mindee Neatnik

* Mindee Neatnik is a St. George resident who takes pride in her married life, her neat-to-a-tee home and her thriving business (Neatnik's DC) of helping Washington County residents clean up their lives. Mindee is married (Brent) and has three perfect children. Well, at least she thinks they are. Reach her on Truth Social at @Mindeeneatnik.

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