Utah Senator Mitt Romney will not be running for re-election once his term as Senator has ended. 

Senator Romney announced his plans to step aside for a younger generation on September 13.  

The 76-year-old Senator of Utah said he would be in his mid-80's if he were to serve a second term, and he believes that it’s time for a new generation to tackle issues that will affect the world they’re going to live in. 

Topics such as Artificial Intelligence and the increasing threat of climate change are issues Romney believes should be tackled by the new generation because of their experience living in such a world. 

Romney also strongly advised President Joe Biden and Former President Donald Trump to leave the election so that the two political parties can choose candidates more equipped and able for the challenges ahead. 

As for who will run to replace Senator Romney in 2024, well the floodgates are now metaphorically open, but Romney warns that the new candidate could be largely influenced by Trump’s political campaign as the 2024 election approaches. 

Romney said, “There’s no question that the Republican Party Today is in the shadow of Donald Trump.”  

The Utah Senator also believes the far right of the G.O.P. that sides with Trump will only be focused on “resentment and settling scores and revisiting the 2020 election,” instead of focusing on policy and future issues. 

We’ll be sure to report back once candidates begin to emerge in the race for the Utah Senate position Romney will be leaving behind. 


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