July approaches, and you know that means when it comes to Southern Utah…That’s right, air conditioners breaking at the worst possible time…oh…also summer community theater.

Summer isn’t just busy for the community theaters, it’s also busy for the kids of Southern Utah thanks to the many kids-based productions.

Let’s take a look at just some of the offerings for the end of June, and then July.

The Stage Door: The Wizard of Oz

Based in the Electric Theater on Main Street in St. George, The Stage Door will be opening its production of The Wizard of Oz on June 29 and will close on July 8.

The Stage Door is known for its more unique shows which aren’t seen around Southern Utah too often.

It will be exciting to see if they’re able to bring their usual Stage Door flair to a classic.

Also, if Todo isn’t a middle-aged man in a dog suit…you know what…I’m not going to finish that sentence.

Encore and St. George Musical Theater: Finding Nemo Jr.

This collaboration between child production troupe Encore and SGMT is the Southern Utah premiere of Finding Nemo Jr. which opens on June 29 and closes on July 2.

The show will be performed at the St. George Opera House and will feature kids giving their all in recreating this classic 2003 Pixar film of the same name.

So crawl out of your sea anememem….anemenem…home…to support these wonderful kids.

St. George Musical Theater: Footloose

For those who were aware, yes, this is the second production of Footloose in Southern Utah in the past few months. That production was from the Utah Tech Entertainment Alliance, but THIS production is from SGMT at the St. George Opera House.

The show will open on July 13 and close on August 26 and is sure to be popular since SGMT tends to do well when they perform classics like Footloose.

Now, a confession from Stockton Myers. I’ve never seen Footloose. I KNOW, it’s essentially a crime for a musical theater lover to not see Footloose, but I’ve just never gotten around to it.

Let me know what you’re most excited about for community theater in Southern Utah! I love hearing from anyone who loves the stage as much as I do.


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