What warrants the creation of a musical based on an existing property? It’s a bit surprising to find how many musicals exist that are based on I.P.’s, but I do feel there are some options that haven’t been explored as they should.

For instance, who would have thought Shrek and SpongeBob would turn into solid stage musicals? I certainly didn’t have high expectations, but both of these musicals are infectiously fun, and while I don’t think they’re the best out there, they certainly have a flavor that’s hard to get right.

I have a personal love for You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown, but if we were to truly dive into that rabbit hole, then would other newspaper comic strips work as a musical? Calvin and Hobbs the Musical anyone, or do I even dare to think that Garfield could get a musical?

*shudder* …I can picture the love ballad for lasagna already, and I hate it.

What about Disney films that haven’t been given the stage treatment? Hercules is finally getting his time to shine, and Hunchback of Notre Dame is always an emotional roller coaster. However, I’ve got a gold mine of a show that would be perfect for the stage.

“Oh yeah, it’s all coming together.”

I believe The Emperor’s New Groove would be prime time musical material and would be an absolute blast for the production team as well.

The one thing I can’t decide on when it comes to The Emperor’s New Groove as a musical is whether Kuzko should have a puppet for the llama portion of the show, or if the llama should be a costume of some kind.

Regardless, I want to hear from you. What established property do you believe would be perfect as a stage musical. I’m talking potential Broadway material here, not the touring stage shows meant to sell merchandise (looking at you Pokémon Live).


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