Several St. George City workers are lucky to be alive after a "heavily intoxicated" driver blasted through several "Road Closed" signs, demolished two city trucks and plowed through a brick wall before coming to rest.

SGPD posted this on its Facebook page last night. along with an accompanying video showing the wake of wreckage left behind from the DUI driver:

DUI Crash: St George City crews were working on making repairs on a water main break at 100 S 1000 E. They had 100 S closed between 1000 E and 900 E. The suspect was traveling east on 100 S when he went through multiple road-closed signs (destroying the signs) and barrels, and then went approximately 200 yards before striking two St George City maintenance trucks and then went through a brick wall. Luckily no city employees were injured, as they had just exited the trucks prior to the collision. The suspect did receive some injuries. One city truck was totaled, and the other one may be totaled as well. The driver was suspected of being heavily intoxicated and arrested for DUI and other applicable charges.

The local police department added this to the post: "This type of deadly behavior is preventable -- DON'T DRIVE IMPAIRED! We, that means all of us, need to do better! #SGPD challenges you to start now and make even one improvement to your driving habits.

  • Use your blinker.
  • Turn into the correct lane.
  • Stay off your phone.
  • Keep back from the vehicle in front of you.
  • Stop completely at stop signs.
  • Stop at red lights.
  • And for the love of all things holy, sprinkle in some patience. You're not the only one on the road, we all need to share it.

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