KDXU Sunrise Stories: Volume 228 


Statewide News – 06/13/24 

Olympic Officials Recommend Salt Lake as Winter Games Site for 2034 

The International Olympic Committee’s Future Host Commission has officially recommended Salt Lake City as the host for the 2034 Winter Olympic Games. 

There is only one more step before the Utah capital city is officially recognized as the host of the 2034 games. 

The final vote from the IOC will make its final vote before the 2024 Summer Olympic Games in Paris which will begin in July.  

Cost of Home Ownership Skyrockets in Utah 

The cost of maintaining a home in Utah continues to rise along with the rest of the nation. A Bankrate study says the cost of home ownership in Utah has increased by 44%, which is the largest increase in the nation. 

The average cost of maintaining a home annually in Utah is about $19,000, a $6,000 increase compared to 2020. These are considered hidden fees by Bankrate. 

The national average is $18,000 annually, making Utah an above average price for home ownership in the United States. Most expensive states for homeowners are California and Hawaii at $29,000 a year. 

Utah Officials Warn of Dangerous Wildfire Season 

State officials are warning residents of the surplus of vegetation that could become wildfire fuel as summer temperatures come early for the beehive state. 

The Bureau of Land Management is comparing this year’s conditions to 2012 and 2020 when Utah saw devastating wildfires due to large amounts of dry vegetation. 

Officials across the state are recommending caution when using the state’s public lands throughout the sweltering summer. 


Southern Utah/St. George News – 06/13/24 

Human Remains in Kane County Confirmed as Missing St. George Woman 

Kane County officials have confirmed the human remains found on Cedar Mountain in May belong to Courntney Lynn Townsend, 32, from St. George. 

Townsend was reported missing at the end of 2023 when she stole her mother’s car, which was later discovered in Kane County. 

Police haven’t confirmed the cause of death, and the investigation is still in progress as authorities search for more evidence. 

Road Rage Shooting in Cedar City Sends Man to Hospital 

A suspect has been arrested after a road rage shooting in Cedar City resulted in a man being sent to the hospital in critical condition.  

The shooting occurred on June 12 near Main Street and Fiddlers Canyon Drive between a motorcyclist and the driver of a car.  

The motorcyclist was arrested after they pulled out a gun and shot the driver before fleeing the scene of the crime. The driver’s condition is believed to be in critical condtion at St. George Regional Hospital. 


Fun fact about Stockton Myers, the writer of Sunrise Stories. 

Stockton’s sister-in-law is currently playing the lead in St. George Musical Theater’s production of “Funny Girl.” This weekend is their last stretch of performances and Stockton’s only just about to see the show. Is he a bad brother-in-law? Maybe, but at least he’s finally going to see it. Here’s to self-improvement. 

Happy Friday Eve! 

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