The snowpack up in the mountains has everyone talking about how all that water is going to have to come down and do it right through our communities.

That's a certainty, although we're not sure how soon and how fast that snow melt will hit. In the meantime, can we agree on what to call that snowy mountain up there?

Tim P. posted in St. George Word of Mouth, a local Facebook page, the question, "Once and for all, is it Pine Mountain or Pine Valley Mountain?"

Hundreds of comments tell me that no, we cannot agree on this one. A sampling:

  • "Pine VALLEY Mountain. Weird but true." -- Maryann G.
  • "It’s just because valley and mountain are exact opposites. So saying Pine Valley Mountain Is technically an oxymoron." -- Heather H.
  • "Officially it’s 'Pine Valley Mountain Range' and the highest point you see is Signal Peak." -- Greg B.
  • "If you're local it's definitely Pine Valley Mountain has been for a hundred years." -- Austin B.
  • "The only mountain named after a feature which is the opposite of a mountain." -- Ryan L.
  • "Thanks for asking this! I've never been corrected and I've been saying it wrong." -- Jennifer P.
  • "It’s called Pine Valley. No Mountain." -- Gigi R.
  • "Nowhere does it say Pine Mountain." -- Dan. R.
  • "It's ALWAYS BEEN PINE VALLEY MOUNTAIN. Who has ever called it pine mountain????" -- Cameron K.
  • "Ole Piney" -- David. S.
  • "It’s simply Pine Valley." -- Miles T.

And finally,

  • "Pine Valley Mountain. Most of us just call it Pine Valley because it’s obvious when you’re looking at it that it’s a mountain. Some people get a little pretentious with it and look down their noses at the locals and insist that a mountain can’t be a valley, so it has to be “Pine Mountain,” which is just ridiculous if you understand that the mountain is named for the town on the other side of it, which is in a valley formed by the mountain." -- Colton W.

Looks like you're safe calling it Pine Valley area -- haha.

Now onto other pressing questions, like why do we call it Hurricane "Hur-ik-un" and who put the extra syllable in LaVerkin (La Ver-a-kun)?

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