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Apple Valley Raises Money for Local Cancer Patient 

An Apple Valley resident is fighting against time and suffers from terminal lung cancer. The community is coming together on Oct. 28 for a chili cook-off to raise funds. Full story here: 


Daylight Savings Time Could Be No More 

Daylight Savings has been around forever, but should it be? The clocks set back an hour in November but next year, legislation may change that.  


Ghostly Horses 

If Halloween is your jam, then these unearthly horse stories are for you. Dive into the mythical world of kelpies. 


Utahns Can Grab Extra Cash, Here is How 

Hoping for a little extra Halloween money? This website found by DJ Melo may be able to help with that. You could even be eligible for more than you thought. Full story here: 


The Best Utah Prank Ever 

Utahns have been pranking each other since the olden days. One guy went above and beyond with his prank back in 1865.  


Utahns in for Wet Winter 

El Nino is coming which means Utah will be in for a wet and cold winter this year. It may be time to buy new boots and other snow gear. Here is what YOU can expect: 


Flu Season Hack for 2023 

As temperatures drop, sicknesses like the flu can become rampant. No one wants the flu and feeling under the weather sometimes means trying a hundred different things. Well, here is one more thing you can try this year. 


Utah’s Wallet Hub Ranking 

Utah has a plethora of small cities and depending on what you prefer, they could be the place for you. Wallet Hub did a survey on small towns and six of Utah’s made the list of “best” small cities.  



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