Townsquare Media Weekly News Roundup 8/14-8/20 

Welcome back to another edition of Townsquare Media Weekly News Roundup. All the stories you missed in Southern Utah this week in one place.  

Car Crash Results in Fatality and Hours of Road Blockage 

On Aug.15, a car crash on Sunset Blvd redirected traffic for hours while local authorities worked to get Manuel Gomes out of his car. Gomez was trapped but eventually freed and taken to the hospital. Tragically, he succumbed to his injuries later in the day. 

Southern Utah Sex Offender Website 

With all the kids walking to school it may be a good idea to check out the local website where sex offenders are required to be listed. You’ll have a better idea of who is who in your neighborhood and you might be surprised with just how many sex offenders live near you. 

Local Lizard “Push” For Love 

Southern Utah lizards are “gym bros” and they like to drop and give you twenty when they crawl up on your fence. Apparently, this is how they attract mates but it sure is funny to watch. Read the full story here: 

Cedar City Floods 

On Thursday, Aug. 17 Cedar City experienced quite a flood from the torrential downpour. Water up to car windows, inside the hospital, and a jail has left locals scrambling. 

Cheapest Eats Near You 

Southern Utahns are always looking for good and affordable food which is why Yelp lists help so much. Here are all the cheapest places in town according to the site: 


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