Townsquare Media Weekly News Roundup 08/21-08/27 

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St. George Family Experiences “The Aloha Spirit” During Maui Wildfires 

A local St. George family was in Maui during the wildfires and dealt with the chaos and displacement firsthand. News Director Stockton Myers spoke with the Rose family about their days spent in a surprisingly peaceful place despite the horror surrounding Lahaina. Full story here: 

Utah’s Bats are a Protected Species: Here is Why 

Highland High School got into spooky season early when it discovered there was a bat infestation on the premises. Not to worry, the bats were relocated safely. 

Utah Voucher Program is Overspending...By A LOT 

The Utah Voucher program meant to assist kids and institutions went way over budget the Utah State Auditor said in a review. Plus, the number is in the thousands not hundreds. Learn more here: 

What's Dating Even Like Now? 

DJ and Aaronee are trying to figure out what dating is like in 2023. Do you use Tinder? Bumble? Stalk the guy at the coffee shop? Well, they’re going to find out firsthand by setting up their boss on dates. If this girl sounds right for you then click the link! 

Cedar City Landslide Festival 

Celebrate the end of summer by attending the Landslide Festival on Sept. 2. It’s for music and camping/outdoor enthusiasts alike and is fantastic for just vibing before the holidays start. 

Aaronee Tells You How to Save Money Like a Boss 

Aaronee from Cat Country is a massive money saver, and she has ALL the best tips. Back-to-school shopping can get very expensive, but your kids (or you) still want to look great and fashionable. Here are some tips on how to stay looking fly without breaking the bank: 


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