If you were to Google ESG, literally hundreds of articles and definitions would come up, from liberal and "woke" proponents touting its virtues to conservatives and traditionalists warning of the ESG attack on the free market.

Thursday you can judge for yourself with a pair of meetings in the area, including a 12:30 get together in the Washington City library's Community Room (220 N 300 E in Washington City) and Thursday night at 6 p.m. at the Washington County Commission chambers (111 Tabernacle in St. George).

Admission is free, however seating is limited. All are invited, but with limited room, it is recommended that those interested arrive early.

Utah State Treasurer Marlo M. Oaks will be the keynote speaker with participation from local legislators Colin Jack and Joseph Elison.

The meeting is presented by the Washington County Commission.

ESG (environmental, social and governance) is touted by the left as a system to evaluate companies based on their performance in the three categories, making room for sensitive matters like offensive language, environmental sensitivity, and non-judgmental employment.

As an example, Utah Tech University received high ESG ratings when it changed its name from Dixie State to Utah Tech.

Meanwhile, conservatives look at ESG ratings as an attack on the free market, with ESG presenting its own bias or prejudice based on what the far-left considers ESG appropriate.

From the thefga.org website:

This assault on industries to further the Left’s agenda is being waged through the financial sector with environmental, social, and governance (ESG) investing criteria. ESG is an investment scam that deceptively uses Americans’ money to push political goals and cut off capital to the oil and gas industry—not to generate the highest returns for retirees, pension holders, and taxpayers.



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