Two people, unfortunately, died from separate vehicle-related accidents over the weekend on February 9 and February 11 respectively.

The first accident occurred on February 9 around 7 p.m. when a pickup truck reportedly struck a man who wandered into the middle of State Route 7.

The man was then struck by a second vehicle going in the opposite direction and was later pronounced dead at the scene by first responders.

A press release from the Utah Department of Public Safety summarized the accident.

The UDPS said, “On February 9th, 2024 at approximately 7:00 PM a pickup truck pulling a trailer was traveling south-west on SR-7 near mile 13, in Washington County. A pedestrian entered the roadway in front of the pickup truck. The pedestrian was struck by the pickup truck, then by a car that was in the north-east lane of travel. The male sustained fatal injuries and was pronounced deceased on scene.”

The accident is still being investigated by the UDPS through the Utah Highway Patrol.

The second accident occurred on February 11 near mile marker 21 on State Route 59. An SUV reportedly fell off a 200-foot cliff and subsequently caught fire.

Emergency workers from the Hurricane City Police Department responded to the accident but struggled to reach the wreckage due to the location and the intensity of the flames. Once Hurricane Valley Fire and Rescue were able to extinguish the fire, an initial investigation confirmed at least one person died in the accident.

Sergeant Dan Raddatz from the HCPD released a statement via their Facebook page.

Sgt. Raddatz said, “Officers responded along with Hurricane Valley Fire and Rescue to the bottom of the cliff where the vehicle was actively on fire. Unfortunately due to the distance of the vehicle from access points and the intensity of the fire, Officers and Firefighters were not able to help any possible passengers at that time. The fire was able to be put out by Hurricane Valley Fire and Rescue.”

Sgt. Raddatz also confirmed the death of at least one occupant of the SUV but didn’t provide any updates beyond that.

Both of these accidents are being investigated by the proper authorities and we’ll provide updates as more details are provided.


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