There is still time to register for the upcoming St. George 2020 Citizens Academy.


The St. George Police Department is accepting applications for its 2020 Citizens Academy, which gives residents an opportunity to interact with officers to better understand the structure, philosophy and capabilities of the St. George Police Department — and what motivates the Department to strive for quality customer service.

The academy is held for two hours Tuesday and Thursday evenings, between 6 p.m. and 8 p.m., from Feb. 11 to March 19.

Program participants will receive presentations on several topics related to each division of the Police Department, including Patrol, Administration, Investigations, Special Enforcement and Communications.

“This is a fantastic opportunity to gain insight into the roles and resources of the Police Department, which is important in understanding how and why we function,” said Police Captain Mike Giles.

“Historically, the age range of participants varies from young adults to those who are retired.”

Citizens Academy is open to adult residents and St. George business owners.

Consideration may be given to applicants 16 or 17 years of age depending upon the circumstances.

Attendance is limited to 45 people.

“Participants relate to us that they didn’t realize the scope of the Department, the professionalism of our officers and how eye opening the academy was,” Giles said.

“We encourage anyone interested in learning about the Police Department to apply — especially those eyeing a career in law enforcement or in emergency communications.”

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