The St. George Police Department has issued several statements the past few days, including a warning to be aware of extreme theft this holiday season, and urgency to drive safely over the Thanksgiving holiday and a news alert about a road closure.
First, the road closure: 
" North and Southbound Mall Drive between 110 S. & 170 S. is CLOSED. Traffic is being rerouted around the affected area. To avoid delays-avoid the area and use an alternate route. This is due to a major water line break causing significant road damage in this area. St. George City Streets, Water and Police Departments are on scene. It is unknown when the road will open. We will keep you updated. Thank you for your patience."
SGPD public information officer Tiffany Mitchell said the road suffered significant damage and would be closed through at least Wednesday, and perhaps longer with the upcoming holiday. Mitchell suggested taking an alternate route, perhaps 2450 E.
Second, the theft alert
"Picture this: A woman returns to her parked car with a cart full groceries. She puts her purse on the front seat and starts unloading her cart into the trunk. It's then that she is approached by a lady who says there is something in her tire. She stops unloading her cart and walks around to look at the tire. There are small pins in her tire, but nothing to worry about, so she finishes unloading her cart, gets in her car to head home ... and that's when she notices her purse is missing. While the lady (and I use that word lightly, because she did just help steal a purse) distracts the woman, someone else slunk (picture the Grinch) around the other side, out of sight and grabbed the purse.
The thieves immediately start spending and can max cards and empty accounts in a matter of minutes.
So what can you do to keep this from happening to you?
  • -Always keep your purse/wallet on you.
  • -Consider getting a crossbody purse, fanny pack, backpack, something you can easily keep on you body while your out-n-about.
  • Just remember -- it's never a good idea to leave your purse/wallet on the car seat unattended. Criminals are opportunists, the more we can do to limit the opportunities, the better.

Third, the urgent plea


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