Did you know that Feb. 15 (today!) is School Resource Officer Appreciation Day?

The St. George Police Department is encouraging schools and communities to recognize the accomplishments of their SROs.
SROs are police officers, employed by the city police departments, not the school district, who spend all day every day in our local schools. Currently, every secondary school (beyond elementary) in Washington County School District has a currently assigned SRO.
Law Enforcement Appreciation Day has existed since 2015, but in 2022, NASRO declared February 15 as a day to specifically honor school-based law enforcement nationwide.
Hundreds of school systems and communities across the country honored their school resource officers and once again reaffirmed that school resource officers are invaluable to the communities they serve.
"We chose Feb. 15 for National School Resource Officers Day because it falls during the traditional academic year and is the birthdate of Archie Hodge, the only one of our founding members who remains active in the organization. Hodge retired from law enforcement in 2006 in Jackson, Mississippi after serving as an SRO for 22 years."
Ways to Participate:
  1. 1. Encourage your local media to cover National School Resource Officer Appreciation Day. You can find the press release that NASRO sent to national media outlets here.
  2. Encourage your local representatives to "make it official" in your city or county. A simple email asking for a proclamation to your local representatives will usually suffice. You can use the NASRO proclamation as a framework.
  3. Share social media posts with your followers.
  4. Post on social media using the hashtags #NationalSchoolResourceOfficerAppreciationDay #NationalSchoolResourceOfficerAppreciationDay2023 #SROsAreValuable
  5.  Let your school safety partners know!

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