I recently went on a vacation to Burbank in Southern California, and I was confronted by a seriously existential realization.  

I went to a local burger joint that reviewed well online, and on instinct, I asked if they could give me a side of fry sauce, and they proceeded to look at me like I’d uttered some sort of spell meant to curse their first-borns! 

I looked down upon my burger and fries with sadness, but then realized I could just take the ketchup and mayo packets and make my own fry sauce! I put it on the burger, I put it on the fries, and if it was socially acceptable, I would have been baptized in it. 

I had always thought it was funny how Utah was obsessed with fry sauce, but sweet heaven to Betsy, I get it now. 

Fry sauce works with most everything savory. Onion rings, tacos, burgers, fries (obviously), chicken and even zucchini are greatly enhanced thanks to the tangy goodness of fry sauce.  

As a kid, I always thought “the pink sauce” was available at every burger joint on the planet, but now that I’m older and wiser, I can’t help but wonder why this trend hasn’t caught on in other parts of America.  

So now, I have a mission in life. Fry sauce needs to be experienced in order to truly understand it, but plenty of people don’t understand how vital the simple combination of ketchup and mayo can be to enhancing the great American tradition of a burger and fry restaurant.  

Take note, spread the love, fry sauce kicks all kinds of tooshie. 


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