A recent post by our friends at the St. George Police Department was troubling and comforting at the same time.


The post, which outlines the plans by a pair of California "criminals," mentions the duo thought St. George area would be an easy mark, an easy way to steal some stuff and then head back to Cali.

It's definitely unsettling to think that there are gang-bangers and other criminal types that think our area is a great place to commit crimes, even harm people.

The comforting part is that our SGPD was on the ball and the "bad guys" found out that St. George is not such an easy mark.

From the SGPD post:

"Last night, an SGPD officer was driving by a local business when he noticed a front entrance window was broken. Several officers arrived and cleared the building but did not locate any suspects. Video footage showed two suspects attempt to pry open the door before throwing a rock through the window. It appeared as if they were testing the alarm system.
"A few hours later, the patrol sergeant drove by the business, and observed a vehicle that matched the suspects near the business with the two males inside. Officers were able to link both subjects to this attempted burglary along with some burglary tools. During the investigation, officers ultimately tracked the suspects to a hotel and wrote a warrant for their room which yielded additional evidence and drugs."

That's right, an observant officer tracked down the criminals and eventually made an arrest. In doing so, I believe (I hope, anyway) that the message gets to the mean streets of California.
"It appears that these individuals were in town from California, in a rental car, to steal as much as they could from St. George. They had no known ties to the community and possibly thought St. George City would be an easy target. They were wrong."
One bit of advice from the local police department is this:
"Business & Homeowners: We recommend that you have a working alarm system.
Contact our Records Division with questions regarding alarm permits - 435-627-4301
Having a good security camera system that isn’t grainy and can handle low light is best.
As the city continues to grow, this is crucial: Watch out for one another. Be a great neighbor and citizen."

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