HURRICANE, Utah (ABC4/ KDXU) – Today’s national inflation rate is at 7.5%, competing against historical highs. Gas prices shot up 10 cents overnight as Russia's invasion into Ukraine continues to shake the economy.

In Utah, inflation is at 9% affecting one of the most vulnerable populations in the state, the elderly.

70-year-old Regina Feliciano is on a fixed income with social security and says she picked up a second job, just to make ends meet.

“And because I worked over a certain amount of money, my tax rate on my social security skyrocketed, went from 35% to 85% this year,” she says.

Feliciano says the price of her groceries has doubled and she worries for others in the community struggling like she is.

“Both between the prices of food right now, and gas, just went up 20 cents a gallon so that in itself will keep me home from being able to go out and do things,” she says.

She says she’s lived in southern Utah for nearly a decade, witnessing a drastic population boom. According to data from the Census Bureau, Utah’s population increased 18.4% from the 2010 count.

“My house has been re-evaluated, because of that, so my property tax went out, I would never pay the amount they say my house is assessed at, never,” she says.

Feliciano says she hopes state legislators help solve these issues, affecting one of the most vulnerable populations in one of the fastest-growing regions in the country.

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