A local Facebook group is helping moms and kids who may need a little help when it comes to the necessities.  

Moms Helping Moms St. George Utah is a group that is dedicated to getting donations to moms who need them. Jocalyne Lizarraga joined the Facebook group as a member and then in 2015 became the group Admin when the original creator wanted to step away, she said.  

Though many moms join the group to ask questions or get opinions, it has also become a place that helps families in a tough situation. Lizarraga said that sometimes it can be a mom needing clothes or formula after leaving the DOVE Center or getting out of an abusive relationship.  

It all started a little bit randomly. 

“I would just post it on the mom's page for free and then I started, just I don't know how I started getting donations, but people just started dropping stuff off to me because they said that they didn't have time to post it and they were just going to throw it away,” Lizarraga said. “Or they were going to take it to the DI and a lot of people said that they don't like taking stuff to the DI because their prices are outrageous, and a lot of moms are struggling and can't even afford DI prices. So, then I just started getting the donations and sorting through.” 

With 10,000 members of the group, many have experienced firsthand the difference this group can make.  

“This group is an essential community resource. Anything from questions answered, lists of resources provided, to emergency food provided to those in need by their community members,” Group Member Jacquie Hardy said.  

Another group member, Jessica Webb says it’s a group she checks whenever she gets on Facebook. “It’s a great resource for women in the community to help one another” 

“It’s heartwarming to see a ton of help any time a mom is in need of just about anything,” Groupe Member Trinity West said.  

The group is targeted toward moms but has been helpful for other guardians like grandparents and aunts. Since it is a group geared toward women it is a safe space and random guys will not be allowed to join. 

Lizarraga works from home allowing her time to sort through the bags and help her community.  

“It's kind of just like a little hobby for me because I work at home, and I sort through donations and stuff when I'm when I'm working. I enjoy helping people are it always feels good to see that I'm able to help somebody that's actually looking for items and might not be able to afford what item they're looking for,” Lizarraga said. 


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