The Southern Utah Veteran’s Home will be hosting a celebration on Thursday for its 10 year anniversary. 

Since 2013, the SUVH has served countless veterans in multiple ways, including long-term care and short-term rehab, SUVH Director of Admissions and Community Resources Brian Gibson said.  

“So those men and women who were in the military in their younger years and served, whether it's during World War II, Korea, Vietnam, or in between those time periods, you know, they sacrificed a lot with their time away from their families outside of the country. A lot of time physically with their own bodies. They went through a lot with the greater purpose of keeping the freedoms that we enjoy here in this country. And it's the least that we can do as the generations behind them to take care of them in their later years.”—Brian Gibson 

There are a total of 108 beds available at the SUVH in Ivins separated into nine buildings each with 12 rooms. Since its opening in the summer of 2013, the SUVH has remained full. 

“We have stayed full almost entirely that whole time and you know, ups and downs but it stays very close to full at all times because there are a lot of veterans in our community that we serve, and we want to be able to serve as many as possible,” Gibson said. “And so, by staying full, we're able to do that.” 

The celebration on Thursday, Oct. 5, will be held from 9:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. at the Southern Utah Veteran’s Home. It will be an open house with food, games, prizes, and music. Gibson said there would be a short program and a guest speaker from Salt Lake City at the event. There will also be BBQ available which is free to all who attend.  


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