A St. George father has been arrested following a crash that tragically killed his two sons.

Eric B. Babauta has been recovering at St. George Regional Hospital for the last few weeks since he sustained serious injuries from the crash on October 29.

Babauta was reportedly impaired during the crash with traces of meth being found in the man’s urine when he was accepted into the hospital.

A few days later, The St. George Police Department issued a warrant for Babauta’s arrest following the initial investigation.

The SGPD released a statement via their Facebook page that detailed the reason for the arrest.

The statement said, “On November 13, 2023 at approximately 11:44, Eric B. Babauta was released from St. George Regional Hospital and booked into Purgatory by the St. George Police Department on a no-bail warrant stemming from the single vehicle crash that killed a 4 & 9 year old child.”

Public Information Officer Tiffany Mitchell from the SGPD provided more details into the moments leading up to Babauta’s arrest.

Officer Mitchell said, “Eric has been in the hospital since the collision on the 29th of October. We had drafted a warrant for his arrest and had been waiting for him to be released from the hospital. We’ve had officers sitting with him the past few days, almost a week, waiting for his release which happened today [November 13].”

Officer Mitchell said Babauta is now staying at the Purgatory Correctional Facility near Hurricane awaiting further judgment for the reported death of his two children.

Babauta has an extensive criminal history, and reportedly violated a protection order by taking his two sons on the car ride leading up to the crash.

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