The St. George Marathon had its 47th run on Saturday bringing in thousands of runners, volunteers and spectators to St. George. 

This year there were 7,500 runners combined for the half marathon and the full marathon. There were roughly 2,500 half-marathon runners. The sister marathon in Ibigawa, Japan’s Mayor was also present. Ibigawa helped pave the road for the St. George Marathon in 1989 with an exchange program that has lasted for decades.  

Since that time the two cities have exchanged delegations and event winners in an effort to enhance each marathon and to broaden the scope of understanding between countries and cultures.”St. George Marathon 

The long-held Mayor’s Walk that preceded the half-marathon and full-marathon had its 38th year led by St. George City Mayor Michele Randall. There were about 200 people who participated in the Mayor’s Walk this year, which is slightly less than the previous year, according to Randall.  

One thing the St. George Marathon never lacks is volunteers. Those who are willing get up bright and early to prepare for the runner's water stations, recovery stations, and much more.  

“People love volunteering for this event because there is such fun energy. We actually just had a couple come up here—they were able to sign up and volunteer. They just came up and said ‘Hey, we’d love to volunteer put us anywhere’. That just shows you how incredible it is to come and volunteer for events. People come the day of, at 8 a.m. on a Saturday, and say ‘Put us somewhere. We want to volunteer’,” Volunteer Leader Rebecca Densley said.  

There were roughly 3,000 volunteers at this year’s St. George Marathon.  

The winners: 

Half Marathon Men’s—Kale Sharp 1:05.15 

Half Marathon Women’s—Ellie Stevens 1:13.39(course record) 

Marathon Men’s—J.J. Santana 2:16.23 

Marathon Women’s—Sylvia Bedford 2:35.53 


St. George Marathon 2023

Gallery Credit: Elle Cabrera

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