VEYO, Utah (ABC4/KDXU) - A family is in the Specialized Burn Unit in Las Vegas after a bus they were living in caught on fire in Veyo late Monday night.

The Copeland’s — a family of six, were living and traveling the country in a Blue Bird bus they renovated.

“I got a call from a neighbor and they said, ‘is your house on fire?’” says Shay Dexter.

The Copeland’s bus was parked outside of Shay Dexter’s Veyo home when it caught on fire. Now, only scorched ground and burnt belongings remain.

“It was horrific, it was devastating, mom was running back and forth from one child to another,” says Dexter.

Dexter says two of the four children are physically okay, but she worries for the father and the other two children.

“Mom is fine, she’s in Vegas with the other family members, the other three members are at a burn unit being treated for their injuries, they’re pretty severe though, they had a dog, Hazel, and we were able to find her around 2:30 in the morning,” she says.

A complete fire investigation is being conducted by the Utah State Fire Marshal to find out why this happened. Witnesses down the road say it sounded like an explosion.

“Shortly after we heard the bang, there were a few more little explosions it seemed, I don’t know what it could have been, but there was screaming going on, it was really concerning,” says Cody Allen.

Friends of the family started a GoFundMe, raising more than $66,000 as they expect the Copeland’s will face many months of painful medical treatment and bills.

“They’re one of the most incredible families I know, the kids are amazing, they’re the kindest, sweetest kids,” says Dexter.

For more information or to make a donation to the Copeland Family, click here.


The Copeland's bus being towed away in Veyo

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