In the last few weeks, St. George has welcomed quite a few new food places, Crack Shack, Jay Birds, and now Wayback Burger.  

I don’t care all that much for chicken-based food places, so Wayback Burger caught my eye about a month ago. Wayback Burger is a chain restaurant and has locations all over the U.S. It finally made its way to Utah with its first location in St. George.  

It opened on May 24 so it’s BRAND NEW! 


Located in the Smith’s parking lot at Animal Crossing you can expect a crowded food hub, especially around lunchtime.  

Inside there is some seating but it’s definitely a little crowded and not meant to have a ton of people at once. It could be because the location opened just yesterday but don’t expect to be in and out. I waited over 30 minutes to get my food and it seemed like the employees were still getting used to the job. 


The burger place offers a variety of signature burgers, chicken sandwiches, and shakes. It’s a perfect American food place and a nice change from all the chicken restaurants opening.  


I grabbed the Impossible Melt with the regular chili cheese fries. The melt was okay, probably a 6/10 but it was unique, and I appreciated the vegetarian option. The fries were a little soggy (more so than usual), but the chili had good flavor. I would consider ordering that again. 


In total, it came to just over $15. Wayback Burger is not the most wallet-friendly place but it’s worth a try.  

Let us know what you think of the food stop in St. George! 


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