In a recent edition of the SGPD’s road safety series titled “Traffic Tuesday,” Public Information Officer Tiffany Mitchell issued a call to action to the residents of St. George to be better on the road, no matter who is in the wrong.

Officer Mitchell can be seen standing at the sight of yet another vehicle vs bike accident in St. George, stating these types of incidents are on the rise.

Officer Mitchell said, “I guess I’m feeling very frustrated this morning. There’s so much that’s been going on in the city and there’s so much blame being thrown around as to who’s responsible. So, in the title of our video, and you can see that I say it’s everyone’s responsibility to move through the city safely, and it really is.”

According to Officer Mitchell, when it accident occurs in this manner, residents tend to play the blame game without looking into circumstances, and don’t focus enough on their own safety when driving.

Officer Mitchell said, “I think we need to stop pointing fingers, I think we need to stop blaming, and we need to start taking responsibility for how we are while we’re moving. Whether you’re on a bike, a scooter, a bicycle behind a vehicle, you’re driving a big truck pulling a trailer, whatever that is, take responsibility. Take control of how you drive and do it with safety and with obeying the law.”

Mitchell continued by giving advice to cyclists who are struggling to co-exist with the drivers of St. George’s busy streets.

Officer Mitchell said, “If you’re a cyclist, we need you to drive on the same side of the road. Don’t go against traffic, don’t assume that the vehicle that is pulling up to the intersection is going to see you.”

She then moved on to the drivers, telling them to exercise caution around busy intersections.

Officer Mitchell said, “Now if you’re driving a vehicle, make sure that when you come up to an intersection, you’re looking both ways. Not only looking but seeing. See what’s around you, see if anyone’s coming and that they’re not watching you, and then make your move into the intersection.”

Mitchell ended the stream by pleading with residents to be better and vowed to do better herself.

Officer Mitchell said, “I’m just asking you do better. I’m going to do better. Everyone around me, I hope we’ll do the same. Watch those laws, don’t drive distracted, don’t drive impaired, and don’t drive angry and aggressive.”

You can view the full video on the St. George Police Department's Facebook page.


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