(Salt Lake City, UT)  --  A bill that would require phone and tablet manufacturers to make sure that pornography filters are included with their devices is being placed on hold by state lawmakers.  State Representative Susan Pulsipher says she is only asking manufacturers to turn on existing child safety filters before those devices are shipped to Utah.

State Representative Susan Pulsipher

Pulsipher's bill would also create penalties if a child is exposed to such material.  Supporters said the bill could prevent children from stumbling on adult content accidentally and cited studies linking exposure to pornography and childhood trauma.  Opponents said the bill was unworkable in its current form and could raise constitutional issues.  A possible compromise that would allow the measure to take effect if five other states adopt similar laws is still under consideration.

Child psychologist Douglas Goldsmith says Utah parents are fooling themselves if they think a child safety filter can keep their child from being exposed to online adult content.

Child psychologist Douglas Goldsmith

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