Mitt Romney hasn't made a lot of fans as Utah's junior senator, especially in Southern Utah.

Referred to by many conservatives as a RINO (Republican in name only), Romney was once a favorite in Utah and easily won his senate race in 2019. He had even made a run for the Presidency of the United States, losing to Barack Obama in 2012.

The former Bishop and Stake President for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Romney had a solid fanbase in Utah, despite having spent most of his life in Massachusetts (he was governor there from 2003-2007).

In recent times, Romney is known more for his catering to his Democrat friends and criticism of Donald Trump than for anything he has accomplished on his own.

Recognizing that, a Utah favorite is exploring the possibility of unseating Romney when the next election rolls around. This is from the national wire this morning:

"Utah House Speaker Brad Wilson says he may take on U.S. Senator Mitt Romney in next year's state Republican primary. Wilson tells KSTU-TV that he is going around the state talking to voters and will make a decision in the next few months. He's also forming an exploratory committee so he can raise funds ahead of that decision.  Romney also filed paperwork this week to start raising money for a re-election campaign, though he has not made a formal announcement that he's running."

The election is a long way off and Wilson hasn't even declared whether or not he will actually run. But the idea that Wilson (and perhaps former US Representative Jason Chaffetz) may challenge Romney for the seat means it will be anything but a slam dunk for Romney.

Chaffetz, who lives in Southern Utah and is a staunch conservative, has authored many books and is a commentator for conservative news site and for Fox Television.


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