(St. George, UT) -- Utah Tech University says a freshman tragically fell to his death from a 5th floor balcony at Campus View Suites II. This happened around 2:30 Sunday morning and right now police are calling it an accident, though the investigation continues. The University's Statement follows below:

On Sunday morning around 2:30 a.m., a freshman Utah Tech University student, Peyton Hall, tragically fell from a fifth story balcony at Campus View Suites II in what appears to be an accidental death, although the investigation is ongoing. Peyton was with several roommates and friends at the time who witnessed the incident.  

Students immediately called 911 and a Utah Tech Police Department officer was first on the scene followed quickly by officers from the St. George Police Department and ambulance medical services. The University Police officer and medical staff conducted lifesaving measures, but he was pronounced deceased at the scene. 

The family was contacted and Utah Tech officials worked with the Southwest Behavioral Health Center mobile crisis team who arrived on the scene in the early morning to provide mental health support to students and others involved. In addition, mental health professionals from Utah Tech will be available at Campus View Suites II today and tomorrow to provide support on location and to continue to monitor the situation. UT students are welcome to go to the front desk of Campus View Suites II to set up a time to meet with a mental health professional and anyone can dial 988 for immediate mental health support. 

Peyton was an involved and loved student in good academic standing at Utah Tech University, and our sincere condolences go out to his family, friends, and loved ones during this tragic time.

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