Utah is one of a handful states that has not issued a mandatory stay at home order statewide.

Governor Herbert has issued a directive called “Stay Safe, Stay Home” asking people to only go out for essentials and to mind social distancing rules, but the directive is not necessarily being enforced.

Sunday U.S. Surgeon General Jerome Adams called on the few states remaining, including Utah, to issue the order.

“If you can’t give us 30 days, governors, give us a week, give us what you can so that we don’t overwhelm our health care systems over this next week, and then let’s reassess."

Monday the Utah House Democratic Caucus joined in that plea to the governor:

“Utahns have done some great things so far in responding to the threat of the coronavirus. But we must do more. Governor Herbert must send a stronger, clearer message to every person in the state about the severe threat of COVID-19 to our health, our welfare, and our economic well-being,” a statement from the group read.

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