KDXU Sunrise Stories: Volume 73 


Statewide News—10/16/23 

Wife of President Henry B. Eyring Passes 

Eyring’s wife Kathleen passed away this weekend, surrounded by friends and family at 82. Henry B. Eyring is the Second Counselor in the First Presidency of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He met his wife Kathleen in 1961 and they married the next year. Kathleen was very active in the church. She taught lessons and wrote newsletters for her congregation.  

Astra Tower Tallest in Salt Lake 

The newly completed Astra Tower located in downtown Salt Lake is the tallest building in the state. It’s a business and apartment building forty stories high maxing out at 450 feet. The tower was completed on Thursday. 

Utah Senator Mitt Romney in Tel Aviv 

Utah Senator Mitt Romney was rushed to a shelter during the Hamas attack in Israel. Romney was visiting the country on Sunday when the attack occurred. He and other senators were seen in a shelter in Tel Aviv courtesy of Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer who went to social media about the experience. Schumer said it showed “what Israelies have to go through."  

The war between Israel and military group Hamas has been ongoing since last weekend.  

Utah Tour Group in Israel 

A group of Utahns on tour in Israel are trying to get home. The Hamas attack occurred after only three days of the tour group being in Israel, the owner of Israel Revealed said. The 36 people on the tour have flight arrangements out of Jordan.  


Southern Utah/St. George News—10/16/23 

St. George Illegal Camping Ordinance 

The City of St. George has adopted a new illegal camping ordinance geared toward vehicles that people live out of and as a way to keep people from living on someone’s property while outside the vehicle. The vote came earlier this month from the city council four to one. The only city council member to vote against it was City Council woman Michelle Tanner.   

Cedar City Massage Therapist Arrested 

A massage therapist in Cedar City was arrested over the weekend for assault charges. Multiple victims came forward accusing Tyler Braun of sexual assault at the Cedar City Massage Parlor. The number of victims is unclear at this point, the department said. Braun was sent to the Iron County Jail.  



Stockton Myers is feeling a bit under the weather, so his editor Elle Cabrera took over for Monday.  

A fun fact about her is that Elle is a dog mom with a corgi who turns two on Wednesday. Since she is obsessed with her dog she went ahead and ordered a dog birthday cake with a bunch of fun toppings and blue frosting from Doggy Bakes. Elle is probably more excited than her dog.  

Happy Monday! 


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