As of today, the project is 80% finished with all asphalt paving completed! Crews placed 27,600 tons or 55,200,000 pounds of asphalt in the reconstructed 5,400-foot section of runway and along the runway shoulders.

Finishing the asphalt paving is a huge milestone for the project.

The activity required plenty of testing.

The asphalt mix was tested to ensure the aggregates, oil and air voids were within the narrow specifications to produce a long lasting and sturdy asphalt to endure the weather and traffic expected at SGU.

In addition, the placement of the mix was tested using a nuclear gauge to determine the density and create a smooth mat.

The team noticed during the placement of the asphalt test strip last week that the bigger rollers had a tendency to 'shove' the hot asphalt as oppose to rolling it.

They decided to utilize multiple small rollers to roll in unison, and this process corrected the issue.

When the second lift of asphalt pavement began, the team was able to use the larger and smaller rollers with success.

Using a combination of rollers was an efficient solution and allowed for multiple lanes of paving each day.

The high air temperatures kept the newly placed asphalt pliable and allowed for more time to roll the asphalt to achieve the desired results.

Electricians will work through the weekend and the Labor Day Holiday to finish placing PVC conduits in the newly completed electrical duct banks along the edge of the runway.

Coring for new lights along the east side of the runway are complete. Crews have started this work on the west side.

Excavation crews will continue to grade and shape the surfaces adjacent to the runway, grade the disposal field where the discarded soils were placed, work on various drainage areas and the Vehicle Service Road (VSR).

Other teams will prepare the runway for pavement marking paint, the installation of thermoplastic signs, and treatment of the old runway surfaces with an asphalt emulsion to improve longevity.

Flights are scheduled to resume on September 26 at SGU. Stay tuned for activities associated with the Grand Re-opening of our terminal and thank you for your patronage.

Our goal is make your travel experience enjoyable and convenient.

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